Jawbone Scotch
Egg Co:

Creating a brand that pays homage to the home of it's produce.

Julian and Chris came to me to create a 'logo' for their new business venture producing scotch eggs to sell from the farm shop. I said to them that they needed positioning in the market, did they want to be a high end labelled gourmet or a more earthy and handcrafted feel to their brand. In the end they saw that the later was what they wanted to represent their vision for their scotch eggs.

The whole idea of the mark and name is to pay homage to the home of it's produce. Jawbone hill a well know name for the great climb of Oughtibridge to Grenoside, where we hosted part of the route for 2014 Tour de France. The name derives from the story of the peak of the hill once having a whales jawbone. The packaging is a simple colour coordinated label for distinction and quick packing of the fresh warm scotch eggs.

As part of the exploring the brand, I was asked to see how it could be used for craft ales. Jawbone brewery is a sub- brand of Jawbone and has the same handcrafted feel as the scotch eggs. Creating the mark with the hops replacing the yolk and using contour lines for the sense of place.

Growlers are growing in popularity with craft ale brands and would be used as special edition containers for the three ales, which also uses the colour coded labels for the different ales.

The cans would be used for multi-packs to sell at other small farm shops. These use the hill from the original mark around the can and contours to match the growlers.


I'm a student at Sheffield Hallam currently in my final year looking for possible internships, junior designer roles and freelance work.


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