OMD Dazzle Ships

From music inspired by the album cover designed by Peter Saville. Using motion to bring it to life.

OMD Dazzleships was playing in Liverpool to celebrate a modern day Dazzleship that is docked at the Museum of Liverpool. I was experimenting with projection mapping, and decided to create a performance of the song ‘Dazzleships’ using dazzle patterns, inspired from old battleships from World War 1 and Saville’s original cover artwork.

I designed the battleship in Cinema 4D, and printed a 3D model to be able to project the patterns. I used After Effects to create the separate dazzle patterns and then built them up to the song using its rhythm as a back drop for the motion.


I'm a student at Sheffield Hallam currently in my final year looking for possible internships, junior designer roles and freelance work.


28 Spring Grove Gardens
Sheffield, S35 0EL