The Dragon's Arse

Create an innovative alcohol brand that is embedded with a strong sense of place.

This was a BrandOpus Chrysalis brief. We were asked to choose a location and build a brand of alcohol that used the success of micro brewerys to sell to a UK audience.

I created The Dragon’s Arse. An Imperial Stout that told the story of the Wantley Dragon slaying, where the Falstaffian knight dressed in spiked armour and delivered a fatal kick to the dragon’s weak spot, the ‘arse-gut’.

The story was from the village of Wharncliffe and has become legendary. Wharncliffe is often overlooked and is seen as extensions of neighbouring villages. My idea for the brand is to use this unique tale to put Wharncliffe back on the map and make it’s story famous again.


I'm a student at Sheffield Hallam currently in my final year looking for possible internships, junior designer roles and freelance work.


28 Spring Grove Gardens
Sheffield, S35 0EL